Contamination Assessment and Remediation

AirQuest performs contamination assessment, remediation design and treatment construction/installations at sites impacted above regulatory standards. We have the knowledge and significant experience investigating sites with a wide range of contaminants, including agro-chemicals, vehicular fuels, dry cleaning solvents, hazardous materials, and unknown impacts. AirQuest has addressed all types of contaminated media and environmental settings. On behalf of our clients we negotiate, regulatory terms for assessment and remediation, in other US states, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

AirQuest communicates well with clients and stakeholders in order to plan for the objectives of environmental investigations. We are efficient during performance of air, soil and groundwater testing to determine the conditions for due diligence, regulatory-driven assessments, and for compiling the necessary data to design remedial alternatives. Geologists and engineers at AirQuest have the expertise to perform the design and construction of treatment alternatives and systems capable of meeting remediation objectives. Based on objectives, regulatory constraints, and budgets we provide alternatives such as engineering and institutional controls as each project is unique.

We implement innovative solutions to contamination problems by applying our technical skills and experience to identify the right treatment methods. Treatment methods we implement include sub-slab depressurization (for vapor intrusion), neutralization, land farming, vacuum extraction, air vapor and soil venting, bioremediation, and others.

AirQuest has assisted real estate developers, oil companies, lending institutions, corporations and owners and operators of facilities such as: dry cleaning, gas stations, refineries, lubricant and fuel distribution centers, auto and truck repair and maintenance, manufacturing/industrial plants, rock mines, ports, naval and air force bases, printing, and farms, among others.