Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace can decrease employee productivity and lead to health complaints and worker absenteeism.
AirQuest personnel have extensive experience identifying the cause
and developing a solution to address indoor air quality concerns.

1. IAQ Investigation

Critical components of an IAQ investigation consist of a building investigation, inspection of the HVAC system, review of HVAC maintenance records, and interviews with knowledgeable and
concerned site personnel. AirQuest uses the information gathered during the building investigation to identify concerns and to develop
the most cost-effective and permanent solution to the IAQ problem.
In addition to the visual inspection and interviews, the IAQ Investigation may include one or more of the following:

  • Inspection for signs of visible mold and/or water damage
  • Moisture survey of building materials
  • Temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and wet bulb temperatures
  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels
  • Air sampling for constituents of concern, such as volatile
    organic compounds
  • Photographic documentation of the visual observations
  • Report preparation, including recommendations for additional investigation or remediation

2. Periodic IAQ Monitoring

Some clients wish to establish a baseline IAQ survey or perform periodic monitoring to document air quality. In these instances, AirQuest develops a site-specific periodic monitoring program suited to the client needs.

The periodic sampling program typically consists of a building inspection and field analysis for key IAQ parameters.

3. Operations & Maintenance

The written Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan is a tool for building owners and property managers. The O&M plan details policies and procedures to document maintenance of HVAC equipment and immediately address any occupant IAQ concerns.

The implementation of an O&M plan can extend the life of the HVAC system, reduce occupant complaints, and reduce remediation costs.

AirQuest develops O&M plans based upon the specific needs of the client. O&M functions can be performed by AirQuest or facility personnel.