Be Aware! Lead Poisoning Prevention Week in October.

It is no secret that we care about your well-being. We make sure all of our customers are well aware of the health risks around their homes and workplace. Most environmental hazards can be prevented by proper self-awareness, but not everyone knows of the lead health risk in our environment.  Lead poisoning is a home/workplace hazard that should be easily avoidable, yet it accounts for 0.6% of disease around the world. Awareness is the key.  Right now, lead poisoning causes disease in as many as 600,000 children yearly.


This is why we invite you to participate in an endeavor to make not only you aware, but the rest of the world. We hope throughout the week of October 25-31, we can reach as many people as possible to stop this easily preventable danger from spreading.  Join us to help keep our global community safe!


For more information on this event follow this link: