New lead and copper rule requires testing in elementary schools and childcare facilities for the first time.
Lead and Copper Rule Revised: New US EPA Legislation Lead exposure can occur when in contact with various medias, including
Annual award highlights women business leaders who are making a significant impact on the state’s economy. Miami (June 7, 2021)
AirQuest is seeking a Certified Industrial Hygienist candidate to support our industrial hygiene services at military installations and government entities
Mold is an invasive fungus that can grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery. It can
Industrial Hygienist Investigation
Sustainability and environmental concerns have been top of mind in recent years. Due to regulations, it is important that we
Asbestos-containing materials can be found in homes and offices around the world. Once a popular material, asbestos was used during
The Importance of Identifying and Treating Mold in the Workplace Mold has been making headlines. Millions of workers around the
A Quick Guide to Industrial Hygiene A business owner’s top priority is to keep their employees healthy and safe. In
AirQuest would like to welcome to our team Adam Hanson, CSP. Mr. Hanson is our Deputy Director of Industrial Hygiene
Discovering mold in a building can be frightening. Determining how best to remove this substance from spaces can leave property
Many people do not realize the sheer importance of air quality within their businesses. According to the Environmental Protection Agency,
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