Contamination Assessment & Remediation

Site contamination impacts not only human health and environmental aspects, but also has significant economic, legal, and planning implications for property owners and extended communities. A practical approach that is tailored to the site’s specific contamination hazards is key to achieving healthy results and minimizing the risks to those physically exposed or involved in development. 

Contamination Assessment & Remediation Services

AirQuest’s Contamination Assessments are designed to determine both the horizontal and vertical extent of environmental impacts and to estimate the method and cost of remediation if applicable.

We assist clients with a full spectrum of contaminated land services which includes:

  • Examination of contaminated land
  • Interpretation of contamination evidence
  • Contaminant fate and transport analysis
  • Report on time release and reverse modeling
  • Groundwater and surface water investigations
  • Property risk assessment 
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Feasibility studies and remedial design
  • Site remediation plan of action and contracting support

AirQuest offers in-depth knowledge and experience in remediation and restoration of contaminated sites involving the entire range of affected media in a variety of environmental settings. Our experienced, interdisciplinary teams are experts in contaminated land disciplines. The particular expertise of personnel includes hydrogeology, soil science, toxicology, risk assessment, and remediation technologies. They perform contamination assessments, remediation design, and treatment construction/installations at sites impacted above regulatory standards. We have the knowledge and significant experience in investigating sites with a wide range of contaminants, including agrochemicals, vehicular fuels, dry-cleaning solvents, hazardous materials, and unknown impacts. AirQuest’s professionals have examined and characterized many contaminated sites. We perform the investigation, assessment, and remediation in phases. On behalf of our clients, we also negotiate regulatory terms for the evaluation and remediation in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

At AirQuest, we know how to analyze complex systems and have the ability to understand the limitations of the conducted analysis. Our team will apply sophisticated methods to mediate hazardous risks.

Results and Next Steps

Following the in-depth assessment of contaminants, the identified problem areas will allow our team of experts to conduct a comprehensive remediation plan to follow. Through the efforts of excavating contamination, installing a clean cover, and miscellaneous clean-up, AirQuest will ensure the site is suitable for use.

Geologists and engineers at AirQuest have the expertise to perform the design and construction of treatment alternatives and systems capable of meeting remediation objectives. Based on goals, regulatory constraints, and budgets, we provide options such as engineering and institutional controls as each project is unique. A remedial and site restoration design that achieves reasonable clean-up levels that are safe for human and ecological receptors and are in compliance with local, state, or federal standards, as applicable, is our goal. Our remediation and restoration projects incorporate Green and Sustainable concepts, which emphasize the efficient use of natural resources and energy. This approach also contributes to the minimization of adverse environmental impacts and control and eliminates polluting sources morally. The use of innovative technologies for waste stabilization, reduction, reuse, or treatment can be utilized for the benefit and protection of stakeholders and the community.

Following our remediation efforts, we provide you with documentation that verifies the successful removal of contaminants. In this report, our personnel will provide a detailed record of remediation efforts and a summary of the management risks. Concluding this report, we will include all details of the work, waste manifest documentation, certificates, and correspondence notes with the local environmental planning department and other regulators, if applicable.

We implement innovative solutions to contamination problems by applying our technical skills and experience to identify the right treatment methods. Treatment methods we implement include sub-slab depressurization (for vapor intrusion), neutralization, land farming, vacuum extraction, air vapor, and soil venting, bioremediation, and others.

Choosing AirQuest for your Contamination Assessment

AirQuest has gained extensive experience in carrying out each stage of a contamination assessment on a variety of sites ranging from small to significant scale developments covering many acres, and commercial and industrial developments. 

We have assisted real estate developers, oil companies, lending institutions, corporations and owners and operators of facilities such as dry cleaning, gas stations, refineries, lubricant, and fuel distribution centers, auto and truck repair and maintenance, manufacturing/industrial plants, rock mines, ports, naval and air force bases, printing, and farms, among others. 

We have a successful track record of supporting planning applications, removing objections, and discharging conditions. Our reports are extensive and detailed outlining every step, process, and remediation effort that ensures your site is suitable for its use. We pride ourselves on our specialists who make it their mission to design and implement the most innovative solutions to overcome any contamination problem.