Hazardous Waste Management

The management of hazardous waste and materials is a complex process that involves regulations, applied science, and the protection of personnel at the management site or operations areas. There is a duty to work within any local community to protect, educate and consider the sensibilities of the social structure present. The environmental psychology, philosophy and sociology of the community where hazardous waste and hazardous materials are present must be a critical part of any hazardous materials and hazardous waste plan.

AirQuest provides operational services, recommendations, and guidance in support of hazardous waste management services. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Data collection, feasibility or risk analysis, hazardous waste site investigation, hazard and/or non hazard exposure assessments, waste characterization and source reduction studies, review and recommendation of waste tracking or handling systems, waste management plans and/or surveys, waste minimization/pollution prevention indicatives, review of technologies and processes impacting waste management.
  • Management, furnishing or inventory of Safety Data Sheets via CD, Internet, facsimile, mail or other media;
  • Development of emergency response plans;
  • Development and implementation of Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans.

AirQuest’s experience with hazardous waste includes projects at an abandoned mine for the Bureau of Land Management; decontamination, characterization and disposal of a plane refurbishing warehouse for the Connecticut Army National Guard; and characterization and disposal of chemicals from WWII on Midway Island on behalf of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.