Corrosive (Chinese) Drywall

AirQuest is among one of the select firms nationwide that has been at the forefront of investigating imported defective Corrosive Chinese drywall.  Our personnel have consulted with homeowners, attorneys, insurers, financial institutions, builders, property managers, and other stakeholders to develop sound and effective testing and repair protocols in damaged homes.

Our services for defective imported Chinese drywall include:

  • Initial inspection to determine if the residence meets the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) 3-Criteria Case Definition for “Drywall Associated Corrosion in Residences” (“the FDOH Case Definition”) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued guidance titled Interim Guidance – Identification of Homes with Corrosion from Problem Drywall (“the CPSC/HUD Interim Guidance”).
  • Air sampling to document ambient levels of reduced sulfur compounds.
  • Documentation and preservation of evidence in preparation for possible legal action or cost recovery.
  • Development of repair protocols for homes impacted with imported defective Chinese drywall.
  • Laboratory analysis of building materials to determine if these materials retain reduced sulfur gases.
  • Documentation during the repair process that all imported drywall has been removed from the residence.
  • Litigation support and expert witness services.
  • Support services such as asbestos surveys (required under Federal law for entities conducting repairs on more than four homes within the “same project”).