Job Hazard Analysis

AirQuest conducts Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs) in accordance with guidelines found in OSHA Publication 3071 (2002) in order to review job methods and find hazards for all primary work assignments. The most hazardous work assignments will be prioritized.  A Certified Safety Professional will review the analysis on a technical level to ensure any hazards were not overlooked and the control measures chosen were the best solutions possible. The steps outlined below are used to complete a Job Hazard Analysis:

  1. Select a phase of the work to analyze.
  2. Break the phase or activity down into successful steps in the order that work is actually performed.
  3. Identify the hazards and potential mishaps (ie. falls, strains, chemicals, etc.).
  4. Develop a recommended control for each hazard.
  5. List equipment to be used in the work activity.
  6. List inspection requirements for the work activity.
  7. List the training requirements for the use of any machinery, equipment, and/or work activity (ie. Hazard Communication, HAZWOPER, Confined Space, Asbestos Abatement Worker, etc.)

All JHAs are provided along with a final report of preventive measures to mitigate hazards across multiple work assignments.