Hazardous Materials | Midway Atoll

AirQuest was subcontracted by Cross Environmental Services, Inc. to provide professional consulting services for the characterization, transportation and disposal of asbestos, lead contaminated and hazardous materials on Midway Atoll for the US Fish & Wildlife Service.  Midway is approximately in the middle of the Pacific, and over 1,200 miles from inhabited land. The project constraints included limited access to the island (there is one flight in and out per week), the logistics of characterizing and transporting hazardous materials overseas and in several states (Hawaii, Oregon and Washington), and working with limited resources (only two (2) crew could be mobilized during the assessment phase and four (4) crew could be mobilized to the island during the transport phase). Asbestos and lead contaminated waste was consolidated, labeled and packaged.  Samples of hazardous waste were collected and disposal profiles generated.  All of the material was packaged and transported off of the island for disposal.