Soil Remediation | Patrick AFB

AirQuest was contracted to manage and supervise the demolition of an existing small arms firing range and excavation and disposal of lead contaminated soil. AirQuest developed a Worker Protection and Exposure Monitoring Plan (for OSHA compliance), Ambient Air Monitoring Plan (for CAA compliance) and Confirmatory Sampling and Analysis Plan (for RCRA and TSCA compliance) prior to site activities. The demolition debris was sampled to determine if it was a characteristic hazardous waste. Initial and periodic personal air monitoring was conducted during remediation activities to assist in the evaluation of exposure levels and the selection of appropriate respiratory protection. Background samples were placed in the vicinity of excavation activities to evaluate the potential exposure to intermittent site visitors. Daily air monitoring was conducted for lead to evaluate if the remediation activities were within the EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards of 0.15 µg/m3. Each soil pile was sampled for disposal purposes.  The site was gridded and elevations were recorded prior to collection of confirmation soil samples to confirm that all lead impacted soils were removed from the site. The excavated soils were treated onsite with EnviroBlend to render them as non-hazardous waste.  The project was conducted in close coordination with the USACE and under direction from command at Patrick Air Force Base.  Particular concern was placed on preventing exposures to base personnel, data validation, and the expeditious completion of the excavation and restorations.